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First of all I want to wish you a Happy Healthy New Year and an abundance of blessings for 2015.

I was a fat kid growing up, I felt like the chubby kid from the movie Goonies “Chunk”. I was teased about being chubby and became pretty depressed, but things changed for me. I’d like to share with you what I have come to learn. I want to help others lead a better and healthier life and that is why I have started this blog.

I was born in Denmark and moved to Luxembourg when I was 9 years old. I didn’t speak all the different languages such as German, English Luxembourgish and French, and due to my inactivity, I gained a lot of weight. When I was 14, I discovered bodybuilding which became my passion, I was a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and dreamed of moving to America. I worked hard and was fortunate. I accomplished amazing things and reached a pinnacle within the fitness industry, but in 2009 my body and health inexplicably broke down, probably from years of unbalanced exercise, nutrition and supplementation. My life began to fall apart. Despite following what the fitness and health magazines claimed to be the best way to a healthy life, I now had to unlearn a lot of what I had learned both about health and fitness and what society taught me to be true. By trial and error I had to find the truth and what worked best for me. After many years of research into healing, nutrition and exercise, I found what I believe to be a great approach to a healthy balanced and fit lifestyle.

Feeling healthy and vibrant is more important than just looking good. Many people sacrifice their health to look a certain way. I did it myself and came to realize that looking great but not feeling great is not the answerl. Being out of balance created a yoyo effect and my weight and shape would fluctuate throughout the year. I have spent many years doing my best to find balance in order to maintain a great physique and feel great year round both physically and mentally. What I discovered was that life mirrors our internal circumstances. As within so without. My deteriorating health impacted upon everything else in my life. I had to find balance both with my nutrition as well as physical exercise and I chose to take a balanced and holistic approach which has now proven to completely regenerate my body, mind and spirit.

I stopped lifting weights like a bodybuilder and stopped doing boring cardio on the treadmill, I dived into the world of martial arts, plyometric training as well as calisthenics and meditation, which I now have combined with everything else I have learned in my 18 years of experience within the fitness industry. My new approach has enabled me to heal a thyroid condition I suffered for 7 years. The new approach also helped me completely get off all medication, despite doctors telling me I’d have to take them for the rest of my life. I enabled my body to heal itself. Our bodies are truly amazing miraculous machines with abilities far beyond our current understanding and beyond what the western medical industry teaches us. Unfortunately, western medicine greatly relies on drugs pushed on them by big pharmaceutical companies that do more harm than good. Majority of the drugs that are prescribed today only alleviate symptoms and never address the causes of the disease or illness. My intention is not to belittle western medicine as there are many great benefits and many great doctors, but there are also many harmful approaches. There is a better way to health and healing and I believe it is a combination and balance between eastern and western Medicine practices as well as practices and knowledge from indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

More than 80% of your overall health comes from proper nutrition and your mental attitude. Food can truly be medicine and science is now discovering the powerful impact our thoughts and emotions have on our overall health even on a cellular level, as well as on the level of our DNA. Everything you need to heal your body, exists in nature and within yourself. The body can produce the precise amount of neuro chemicals to heal any disease if only we allow it, by learning to listen to it. Your body is in constant communication with you and it has an intelligence. Not listening and filling it with drugs to shut it up, is the root cause of disease. Nurture your body and learn to listen to its needs. Form a body mind connection.

I will do my best to share my knowledge and research with you, so you too can find your path to your full potential of both your mind body and spirit. I hope that my blogs will serve you well.

I would like to hear from you, What is it you want for yourself in your life?



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