QiGong – The Art of Healing Using “The Force”

My Article was published in Consumer Health Digest: Qigong is one of 3 healing arts in China, along with acupuncture and herbology. Qi means “life force”. The life force that is in all living beings and in nature all around us. Gong translates to “cultivation”. Translated QiGong means “life force cultivation”. It is an ancient moving mediation involving, movement, breath …

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NCIS Los Angeles – Episode “767”

I am writing this post to share my experience of booking a role on NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 19 and working with an amazing cast and crew. I have been auditioning for this show over the last couple of years and finally got my breakthrough to be part of the Guest cast on an episode written By Kyle …

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Never Give Up

Hi Everyone, Thank you for visiting my Blog. Here is my article “Never Give Up” that was featured in Masters Magazine’s winter issue. I am now sharing it with you. Best, Tomm Never Give Up It was a Sunday winter morning in Los Angeles in February, 3 years ago when I first met GM Felix Roiles. I was introduced through …

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2016 WEKAF Stick Fighting World Championship, Cebu Philippines

One of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Winning the Stick Fighting (Escrima, Kali, Arnis) World Championship in Cebu, Philippines, the origin of this Martial Art. Hard work, determination, overcoming obstacles in my life and having friends and family help realize my dream. I fought the toughest of the Philippine Military in the finals, it was a fight till the …

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Team Pakamut won 1st place in the Team Event at the WEKAF 2016 The National Championship. We all qualified individually as well to represent Team USA ?? at the World Championship in the Philippines in Cebu this summer. Hard work paid off. Thank you GM Felix for great training and Guru Edwin Abo as well as Otnasirk Bautista and Jason …

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Getting ready for the WEKAF West Coast Nationals. Training hard and sparring away. Thank you GM Felix Roiles, Edwin Abo, Kris Bautista Paragas and Team Pakamut for great training. We will do our best and see what happens. 🙂 for more info on this Martial Art, please visit Pakamut.org for great Gear please visit Roilesgear.com

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Karate Kill – Japanese Martial Arts Action Thriller

My first day of shooting “Karate Kill” with talented Director Kurando Mitsutake and an amazing cast and crew. This Japanese martial arts action thriller is going to look awesome. Fun to play a bad guy even though Mom doesn’t approve of me as a Villain or my Terminator meets Clockwork Orange 80’s look. Lol

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“Karate Kill” Action Movie

Fight rehearsal day 1 working with amazing fight and action choreographer Keiya Tabuchi from Japan and his talented stunt crew for “Karate Kill”. A Japanese Martial Arts action thriller. By Director Kurando Mitsutake. I get to play a mean villain in this one. Getting ready for a great adventure. 🙂

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LEGACY III on The Queen Mary

Martial arts seminar on the Queen Mary. Legacy III by Angels Disciples Escrima Association. I was blessed to support and help out my Pakamut teacher GM Felix Roiles today and witness other great Masters teach.

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Transform Your Body – Transform Your Life

Getting in great shape starts in the mind. Through my many years of experience in health and fitness as well as success in other areas of life I can help you transform both your body and your life. I will coach you through training, nutrition and motivate you to attain all your goals both physically and in your life in …

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